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Black Excellence STEAM Event

Hosted By: Dr. William White, Founder of My Brother's Teacher


On February 25th, 2023, My Brother's Teacher organized a Black Excellence in STEAM event in Seattle, Washington. A range of diverse STEM leaders led engaging activities for parents and children, delving into STEM careers, diversity, and the thrill of science. Hey Dr. Tay had the fantastic opportunity to guide participants, from two-year-olds to great-grandparents, through the exciting elephant toothpaste experiment.


Can you see the excitement captured within the photos and videos?

The goal of My Brother's Teacher is to increase the number of Black and Brown teachers through an innovative fellowship program which consists of school scholarships, service hours, and consistent guidance from mentors. 

Photo release forms were signed by legal guardians and/or parents for permission to capture pictures and videos of all participants.

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