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Meet the Founder

I created S.T.E.M.ING WHILE BLACK to provide current women and men of color; especially those within S.T.E.M. academic programs and careers, with guidance and a mentoring network that may assist with the most challenging moments of their S.T.E.M. development and journey. Our panelists are UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK, UNAPOLOGETICALLY BOLD, and HERE TO SERVE YOU!  They are in various S.T.E.M. careers and academic programs and at various stages in their S.T.E.M. journeys. What brings us all together is the common agreement that there are some changes that need to be made. 


We are advocates for that change!


Creator, Dr. Lataisia C. Jones

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S.T.E.M.ING WHILE BLACK is very excited to have two phenomenal hosts.


Janay White is an Assistant Professor in Social Work, community engagement consultant, public speaker, visionary and the Founder of Girls 2 D.I.V.A.S. Mentoring Program, Inc.


Dr. Atum Boukman is a passionate farmer, academic advisor, auricular acupunturist healer and research coordinator. 

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Meet The Panelists

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Change Begins With A Conversation



"It's amazing to see so many Black scholars together to have a conversation."




"I truly believe that everyone on the panel being open and willing to share their stories and experiences has helped me learn so much so quickly. I enjoyed the willingness of everyone on the panel to share potentially triggering stories in order to educate those of us who have never had to go through such experiences."

- ZP


"I am white woman and I love hearing from so many Black scholars across many different fields and career stages. It's refreshing to see all the faces in the Zoom call, which looks very different from most of the meetings I'm in. It's also so important to demonstrate that those who STEM while Black are not a monolith--there are differences of opinion between Black scientists. This makes the shared experiences and commonalities all the more powerful. Everyone is so thoughtful, open, and welcoming. I'm sure it's not easy to talk about some of the topics that arise, and I really appreciate the candor. The mental health corner is also awesome!"

- MH


"Continuously adapting and evolving the community and value of this shared time, space, and energy. Love the accessibility pivots and being mindful of universal design of the event."

- LW

"ALL BLACK PANEL!! It is REVOLUTIONARY. Good that the talks are not too frequent. I like how the comments section is open to all (I like to be able to respond to panel's words with real time affirmations). Allowing people to go in depth, not too rushed. Great team!!"


- PG