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Tech and Test Tubes: Dr. Tay's Explosive Engagement Beyond Boundaries

To maintain enthusiasm for S.T.E.M. and champion diversity in the field, it's crucial to engage people wherever they are, regardless of the distance.

If you have a passion for hands-on experiments and enjoy a bit of controlled chaos while exploring exothermic reactions and catalysts, check out this video. Dr. Tay guides you through the Elephant Toothpaste experiment.

This event is proudly presented by the Western Area Chapters of the Links, Incorporated and the Lenovo Foundation.

Discover the world of scientists as you explore the creation of lava lamps and rainbow volcanoes. Dive into lessons on hydrophobic properties, density, gas, reactions, acids, and bases.

This event is proudly sponsored by Skype a Scientist.

At times, science reveals its wonders through messy experiments.

Watch this video where Dr. Tay demonstrates to kids that science can be fun, messy, and full of bubbles!


This event is sponsored by Bundle of Love Child Care.

Science can spark conversations on various topics.

Watch this video to witness Dr. Tay introducing youth to the world of a neuroscientist, historically black colleges and universities, and fundamental science topics—all while conducting live experiments!

This event is proudly sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies as part of the AAAS IF/THEN® Ambassadors program & PI Dr. Siobahn Day Grady.

The Brown Bag for Brain (BB4B) proudly presents the premiere of our quarterly series: "Diary of a NINDS Star"!

Lataisia Jones, Ph.D., goes beyond her role as a Scientific Research Officer (SRO) in the Scientific Review Branch (SRB) at NINDS. Prior to joining NINDS, Dr. Jones served as the Senior Ethics Specialist, actively contributing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). As a volunteer writer, national mentor, and keynote speaker, she passionately influences young girls to pursue STEM careers. You may also recall her recent recognition with a traveling statue for her outstanding contributions to STEM.

Photo release forms were signed by legal guardians and/or parents for permission to capture pictures and videos of all participants.

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