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Dr. Tay’s STEMline: Contact Dr. Tay for Engaging S.T.E.M. Interactions!


Unlocking Brilliance: Dr. Tay's Keynote Topics

  1. ​Catalysts of Change: Dr. Tay's Inspirational Insights into STEM Diversity

  2. Navigating the Labyrinth: A Beginner's Guide to College Science Majors

  3. From Microscopes to MacBooks: The Evolution of Scientific Tools in College

  4. Dorm Room Experiments: DIY Science for College Students

  5. Breaking Stereotypes: Black Women in STEM – Tales of Triumph in College

  6. Journey into the Unknown: Choosing a Specialization in College Science 

  7. Field Trips and Beyond: Exploring Real-World Applications of Your College Education

  8. Science and Chill: Fun and Relaxing Ways to Unwind from College Stress

  9. Beyond the Classroom: Internships and Science Jobs in College

  10. Hey Dr. Tay: Bridging the Gap – Science Outreach for Young Minds

  11. From Curiosity to Confidence: The Role of College in Science Success

  12. Resilience Roadmap: Bouncing Back Stronger from Academic Challenges

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