Live Performances/Experiments

The best way to keep people excited about S.T.E.M. and to advocate for S.T.E.M. diversity is to meet them where they are at, no matter how far they are. 

If you're interested in experimental reactions and want to create a mess while learning about exothermic reactions and catalysts, view this video where Dr. Tay shows you how to perform the Elephant Toothpaste experiment. 

This event was brought to you by the Western Area Chapters of the Links, Incorporated and the Lenovo Foundation.

Learn about what a scientist does while learning how to make lava lamps and rainbow volcanoes.


You'll learn about hydrophobic properties, density, gas, reactions, acids and bases. 

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Sometimes, science is best understood through messy experiments.

Watch this video to see how Dr. Tay shows the kids that science is fun, messy and bubbly sometimes!

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